It's fat free, fun and a super noodle

Is it a beard? Is it Phar Lap’s mane? No, it’s … Syu-peo Myeon! (Translation: Super Noodle.)

Say hello to dang-myeon – Korean sweet potato noodles (pictured). These super noodles are fat-free, gluten-free, fun and delicious! Try speedily slurping up chewy, slippery, saucy dang-myeon without feeling merry. Quite impossible.

Join me on the Feasting in the Know food trail to explore Strathfield, and I’ll show you dried dang-myeon, while you taste it cooked in a traditional, slurpilicious Korean party dish at one of my favourite Korean restaurants.

Run by a Korean couple who are 15-year veterans in the business, this restaurant has regulars who appreciate its generous portions and extensive menu.

Fried rice encased in an enormous omelette is a family favourite (two can share). Ditto the rice cakes in chili and cheese; incidentally, far from being an adjustment for Western palates, the addition of cheese to counter the burn is authentically Korean.

Okay, so it’s common knowledge that there’s a strong Korean influence in the Strathfield town centre. But did you know that within the Strathfield municipality (including Homebush, Flemington and Greenacre), you will also find Chinese, Indian, Sri Lankan, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Thai, Lebanese, Burmese and Italian offerings? And that’s before we even mention street food or the behemoth that is the Sydney Markets at Flemington.

So, in addition to going Korean, FITK food trails will unearth other secrets of Strathfield.

We’ll drop into a Burmese restaurant to sample a cuisine that combines Indian and Chinese food with a dash of South-East Asian pizazz. Who would have guessed that Chinese tea leaves could end up in a nutty, crunchy, pungent salad? This restaurant serves a cuisine rarely found in Sydney. The chef’s unadulterated flavours result in soups, salads, noodles and curries with appropriate levels of spice and funk.

Sweet-tooths will delight in the patisserie combining French technique, Korean flavours and the chef’s light-as-a-moonbeam touch.

Feasting in the Know is honoured to be part of the Strathfield Food Festival.


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