Korean Festival brings Warrior Horsemen to Strathfield

Four warrior horsemen in metal armour and armed with swords and arrows rode down Homebush Road as part of the spectacular opening to the Korean Full Moon Festival today at Strathfield Park.

Korean children, dance groups and the elderly all donned their best traditional costume in a colourful display of their culture for this special event.

The festival celebrates the traditional and modern Korea with a K-Pop competition, swordsman demonstration, traditional dancing and Korean cooking.

Luke Song, the President of the Korean Society of Sydney which runs the event, led the horsemen and enthusiastically told the Scene: “I’m a warrior”, adding he was "excited” for the day.

His authentic Koguryo costume was sent all the way from Korea.

Councillor Sang Ok is particularly proud that Strathfield was hosting the event.

“This is the biggest festival in the Korean Community and I’m happy that we worked together on this,” he said.

He came dressed in traditional costume to match the event.

“I’m wearing our traditional costume. It was worn by our ancestors 1,700 years ago,” he said.

Guests kncluded the Korean Consulate General Whie-Jin Lee, MP for Strathfield Charles Casuscelli, Strathfield Mayor Daniel Bott and Councillors Sang Ok and Stephanie Kokkolis. They were joined by thousands at Strathfield Park.

This is the first time Strathfield hosted the cultural festival ,which dates back to 1968.

Sherman Kim, General Manager of the Korean Society of Sydney, said: “We are showing locals Korean food, pop, dancing and warriors,” he said.

And it wasn't just Korean culture that was being celebrated.

There was also a Bollywood performance and a Turkish Gozleme stand, demonstrating the true multicultural character of modern Strathfield.

Cr Bott said he was proud Strathfield was hosting the event.

“Strathfield Council is proud to be a multicultural area and a Council which embraces the community and the people who make this such a great place to live,

“With such a strong Korean population, events like this is a great way to showcase culture but to also bring people together,” he said.


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