Pollies hit social media to gain votes before September 7 election

With only two weeks to go before Australia heads to the polls, politicians are not just hitting the streets to draw in the voters but are also making a big push on social media. 

Politicians are now dominating the Twitter-sphere, Facebook and even viral YouTube videos.

Just yesterday, a Canberra indie punk Band Super Best Friends released a video where they rounded up the country’s leaders and campaign press to help them film their newest single, Round and Round.

Featuring Kevin Rudd on the xylophone, Tony Abbott on the bike, Nick Xenophon on guitar, Anthony Albanese as well as Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, Christine Milne and even Clive Palmer, the video is a playful dig at Australia’s top dogs.

For Reid and Watson voters who want to find out what’s going on with their local members, it is just one click away.

All candidates are posting photos of events they attend as well as their stances on immigration, education and infrastructure.

Dominating Twitter with 27,210 is Watson MP, Tony Burke.

Mind you, Mr Burke has two portfolios under his belt – Immigration, Multiculturalism and Citizienship as well as the Arts.

An avid Tweeter, Mr Burke has had a couple of years to build up his fan base compared to the opposition.

He also has a staggering 2,376 likes on his Facebook page.

His Liberal rival, Ron Delezio has 204 followers on Facebook and 110 on Twitter.

Meanwhile in Reid, Liberal candidate, Craig Laundy has 835 followers on Facebook but has not yet set up a Twitter account.

And the long standing Labor MP John Murphy is followed by 109 people on Facebook and 120 people on Twitter.


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