Public to pick final design of Korean garden

Residents will be asked to choose the final designs for a Korean garden that could become an important new amenity for the municipality, and even a tourist attraction.

The long-awaited plans may include traditional Korean horticulture, a restaurant, gallery and a cultural centre available to all for community and other events.

Strathfield Council this week agreed to call the project The Australian and Korean Memorial Gardens and instructed general manager David Backhouse to begin talks with the state government for support. The project is likely to be funded through a public-private partnership.

But residents will have the final say over the scope and size of the project, and council officials will launch a consultation exercise to build support and take note of residents’ suggestions.

The project has been driven by Councillor Sang Ok, who heads up a taskforce to finalise plans. Architectural drawings for the project, which has been under discussion since at least 2007, have been produced by Group GSA, the well-known urban design studio that created the Korean War Memorial in Centennial Park.

A final decision on which plans
to include in a consultation exercise and a proposed name will be made
in coming months. The taskforce
is co-chaired by Councillor Raj

Depending on the designs chosen after the consultation exercise it is hoped that the project will provide Strathfield with a new tourism drawcard, an events centre for business conferencing and a new
car park.

The site borders on Olympic Park and the nearby wetlands.

Research among Strathfield’s Korean community, which makes up more than 7 per cent of the population, indicated a need for a space for community events.


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