Safety fears over former RSL

Olga Gurchenko at the site with her son, Anton

Residents and local businesses are concerned about the state of the former sub-branch of Homebush RSL which has become a dump and temporary car park.

Mothers fear children could get hurt playing in the building, which can be accessed and contains broken floorboards, glass and rubble.

A Strathfield Council official described the site as “a shambles”.

The land, which runs between Burlington Road and The Crescent, has been the subject of community debate since a residential-commercial Development Application in 2006 proposed a Coles Supermarket.

Development consent was conditional on approval from Sydney Water, as the site lies on an underground water course. An application has now been lodged to build units on the site.

Olga Gurchenko, holding her son Anton, told the Scene: “It’s not very good – some of the kids in the area go there to play. Its falling apart. Until they decide what to do with it, it should be made safer by demolishing it, or at least cleaning it up.”

David Torbey, owner of nearby David’s Fresh Supermarket, is so concerned about the state of the part used as a car park that he has spend more than $1,000 to make the area safe.

“I’m worried about my customers. The rubbish was up to the top of the front gate, and the last thing I want is someone falling over it,” he said.

“It looks bad for Homebush. When people visit the businesses here, the first thing they see is a rubbish tip. Our town isn’t a rubbish tip.”

He said he would like to see the site continue as a safer, temporary car park.

Silvio Falato, Group Manager of Planning and Environment at Strathfield Council, said they were currently negotiating with the new owners of the building.

The property is in ownership limbo as it has been conditionally sold by development company Chamwell to another firm.

At the time of going to press, theScene had been unable to contact either companies for comment.

“The site is a shambles," says Falato. "The problem is that it involves private property and it has become a site for illegal dumping.”


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