Strathfield Station in top five for overcrowding and crime


Strathfield Station may be a hub for public transport in Western Sydney,  but it’s also one of the most dangerous and overcrowded, according to new figures.

Latest Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research statistics obtained by Sydney Daily Telegraph show personal crime offenses are six times higher at Western Line stations than those in the east and North Shore.

Strathfield, along with Blacktown and Parramatta, were in the top-five list for the number of offences recorded.

Passengers also complained that despite additional services introduced in October last year when the new timetable, peak hour trains are still overcrowded and late.

Rush hour services didn’t to meet their on-time running targets in 16 out of the 34 weeks to June 30.

And according to opposition transport spokesperson, Penny Sharpe, regular complaints are received from passengers who are forced to stand for up to 50 minutes for travel from Blacktown to the City Circle.

“Late trains, few lifts, safety concerns and being packed like sardines show how little this government cares about the daily commute for those west of Strathfield,” she said

This is the second time in two months Strathfield Station has made headlines, after it was ranked fifth most frustrating station in Sydney in the annual NRMA Seeing Red on Rail survey.

The station followed Town Hall, Central, Wynyard and Redfern for having overcrowded platforms; dirty floors and walls; and difficult to understand platform announcements. 


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