Your say: Where Strathfield speaks its mind

Dora Lane, 101, has been a Strathfield resident for 88 years.

For this, our launch issue, we sent reporter Jess Noble out onto the streets to ask residents to share what's on their minds.

New Australians

“I was born in Ashfield and came here to Strathfield when I was 13 years old. It was very different back then. When I first moved here I started doing domestic work and then I started making shoes and boots. I remember the migrants from Poland and France moving to Strathfield after the war, but we didn’t call them migrants back then – we called them new Australians. I remember feeling so sorry for them. They went through so much during the war, but we would tell them to try and think of happy memories. The sad memories were too much to bear. I would teach them how to make the shoes and they were very good people … I remember one day this young man was being chased through the streets of Strathfield by the police. He thought he was in trouble, so he ran. When they eventually caught him, it turned out they were trying to reunite him with his family. He has been separated from his family, but couldn’t speak English so he didn’t understand why they were chasing him. Strathfield is not the same as it used to be but it’s still my favourite suburb. I still like it.”

Dora Lane, who celebrated her 101stbirthday in April and has been a Strathfield resident for 88 years.

Sign of the times

“Signage for buses is a big problem around the station. People have no idea where to go. And the street signage is pretty poor as well. Albert Road is not correctly signed. Police access is also a really big problem. There is nothing at the entrance to the station. It’s ridiculous.” Warren Harvey

Road to nowhere

“The road works block off the taxi stand and I can’t drive through. It’s chaos. It takes 30 minutes to get the car out because of the bus congestion. Also, people drop off at the station and there is no set drop-off area which adds to congestion.” Marco Giuliani.

Lunch break

“We need more parking around Strathfield station. It’s really hard to find parking at lunchtime.” Jun Kim

Weekend work

“It’s really annoying that there is always track work around the station on the weekends. We need to be pre-warned or something.” Janine Bines

“Parking is a huge problem in this area. Parking is only two hours. That’s about the only problem.”  David Porcellato.

Streets of shame

“Strathfield has gone to the dogs. Tenants throw stuff out all over the streets when they vacate. Around Parnell Street it’s an eyesore. It’s dirty. Filthy.” Paul Smith.

Treasure Island

Strathfield has changed dramatically from the 1940s when I first came to live here – in those days, we spoke of ‘going down to the village’ to do our shopping. I remember well Dash’s Pharmacy, Dunlop’s Haberdashery and the wonderful aroma of walking past The Treasure Island Chocolate Shop in The Boulevard where the chocolates were made on the premises. However, I find Strathfield today an exciting place to be with it’s multicultural flavour and I also think that while some of the houses are too big for the land, the development has completely revitalised the area.Thea Heness.

Old Sydney

“It’s a beautiful area. I go to ACU and the buildings around there are really stunning. It’s kind of an 'Old Sydney Town' in its architecture.” Bradley Hanly

Break and enter

“People think that Strathfield station is one of the most dangerous train stations in NSW, but its really not as bad as some. The break and enters are much more of an issue.” Anonymous police officer patrolling the train station.

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I worked in Treasure Island Hand Made Chocolates from 1980 to 1985 and loved it.
It was my first job and I'm 51 now and never had a more enjoyable career since.

What I am interested in is, does anyone know what happened to it? I have been living in another state for years.
Wish I kept in touch with the best boss ever also. He probably is not alive anymore, may he rest in peace if so.

Anyway those were the best years of my life and I was skinnier than ever, even though strawberry creams and marzipan filled centres were my favourites!

Hope to hear some feedback from someone.



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