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October 10, 2014

The municipality will hold debates on all his policies. Peter Lynch reports.

Antony Green is possibly the state’s best-known psephologist. He has analysed more than 50 territory, state and federal elections for the ABC.

So it came as a surprise when, six months out from the next NSW State election, his famous pendulum put the seat of Strathfield into the “swing to Labor” category. Especially since the only official candidate standing so far is the incumbent, Liberal Charles Casuscelli.

March 12, 2014

Strathfield's ageing population means we need more volunteers to help with our elderly residents. 

November 24, 2013

Craig Laundy makes moving maiden speech in praise of his family  - and lays out the issues -  from migrant language teaching to the environment -  on which he will be working


Mr LAUNDY (Reid) (17:50): Madam Speaker, it is with a mixture of pride and humility that I rise to my feet as the newly elected member for Reid. I am the ninth person entrusted with this responsibility. Previous members include Labor stalwarts like Jack Lang and Tom Uren. Unfortunately for the Labor Party, I am a proud member of the Liberal Party—indeed, the first Liberal to hold this seat since it was formed in 1922.

October 11, 2013

Council studies legal action against the state over green space

Jenny Maddocks peppers her conversation with the acronyms of a planning professional. The Enfield resident moves deftly between a fat and well-thumbed file of photographs, health reports and traffic surveys, pointing out a hazard here, a broken promise there.

After battling the Enfield Intermodal Logistics Centre for over a decade, she probably knows the facility better than any employee.

July 17, 2013

Local car dealers in Homebush today, told Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey and Liberal candidate for Reid, Craig Laundy about the impact of that the proposed tax hike will have on their businesses. 

Local car dealers in Homebush today told Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey and Liberal candidate for Reid Craig Laundy that Labor's FBT reforms will damage their businesses.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd recently announced the $1.8 billion tax reform, but Mr Hockey said the increase will severely affect businesses. 

Mr Hockey claimed "the tax grab" will cost an average of $1,400 a year for around 320,000 Australians. 

March 14, 2013

Councillor Rad Datta outlines his fears if Strathfield were to amalgamate

I have met thousands of Strathfield residents in recent months. I have heard very few voices in support of amalgamation. My fellow Strathfield councillors have had similar experiences.

I regularly hear how people don’t want their council rates to rise, as they almost certainly would if Strathfield was amalgamated with surrounding LGAs with more challenging financial situations.

November 9, 2012


I am like you. I love my baby so much I found it one of the hardest things to do – place her in daycare. But it’s inevitable if you have a job to return to and just a necessity these days. We all need to go back to our jobs at some stage.

Now you can see why I wrote the daycare story in the current issue of the scene. I have to take every Friday off because no daycare centre will offer a place to my daughter.

September 17, 2012

First meeting sees Liberals take control

Strathfield Council officials have been holding briefing sessions for the new councillors so they can hit the road running when they attend their first meetings early next month.

The move follows the mayoral elections which saw Liberal leader Gulian Vaccari win the top job in a vote by the new seven-strong council at their first extraordinary meeting last Monday night.

Vaccari beat Labor leader Raj Data and Strathfield First’s Helen McLucas with the support of new deputy mayor, Andrew Soulos.

August 10, 2012

This weekend, at Mancini’s Ristorante Italiano in Belfield, Liberal supporters will gather to raise funds for the Strathfield team at the local government elections.

The invitations to the party faithful come complete with pictures of Strathfield MP Charles Casuscelli and Craig Laundy, the new Liberal candidate for Reid.

Tickets are $99 a head. And even if you can’t attend Mancini’s – which is renowned for its pizzas –  you can still send a cheque to the Liberal Party of Australia.

June 8, 2012

Strathfield could become the “little Korea” of Sydney, reaping benefits in tourism, employment and investment.

Two academics have uncovered a major opportunity to put Strathfield on the tourist map and present Australia with a bold new international image of the municipality. According to Professor Jock Collins and Dr Joon Shin of the University of Technology Sydney’s Business School, Strathfield could become the “little Korea” of Sydney, reaping benefits in tourism, employment and investment.

July 12, 2011

Wanted: Community leader willing to head up high-powered meetings, be the keynote speaker at public events, help oversee a staff of 171 and a budget $29 million. Must be available all day and into the evening, an be prepared to work at weekends. Pay

Wanted: Community leader willing to head up high-powered meetings, be the keynote speaker at public events, help oversee a staff of 171 and a budget $29 million. Must be available all day and into the evening, an be prepared to work at weekends. Pay: $1018.46 a week.

November 9, 2015

Police are investigating an armed robbery at a convenience store in North Strathfield.

The police allege a man entered the convenience store on George Street in the Bakehouse Quarter at around 6:30pm on Sunday 8 November.

Video footage has emerged showing the man threatening the 25-year-old attendant with a large knife.

The employee takes the money out of the till and hands the cash to the man, who then flees from the premises.

August 18, 2015

It has been 24 years since the Strathfield Massacre where Wade Frankum killed six people.

Twenty-four years ago on a sunny Saturday afternoon six people were killed and seven injured when North Strathfield resident Wade Frankum went on a shooting spree at Strathfield Plaza and later shot himself.

This week, Strathfield Council held a service to mark the 24th Anniversary of the Strathfield Massacre.

Dignitaries like Deputy Mayor Andrew Soulos, officers from Flemington LAC as well as Strathfield Massacre survivors Gregory Read as well as Geoff and Helen Boyce.

August 7, 2015

Strathfield MP calls for transparency around Strathfield police shop front and a redistribution of police resources. 

A bold new plan to increase policing in Strathfield is being presented by State MP Jodi McKay.

The idea would see Strathfield’s police shop front in the Plaza – considered by many residents to be a sham because it is so rarely occupied – closed in exchange for extra patrols from Burwood Command.

The Scenehas campaigned on this issue for years after revealing the shop front’s manning levels were inadequate.

Police maintain they don’t have the resources to turn the part-time office into a police station.

April 9, 2015

Observers say Labor leader has reneged on promise to Jodi McKay over planning portfolio

State Labor opposition leader Luke Foley has delivered a serious blow to new Strathfield MP Jodi McKay, removing the planning portfolio she was expecting in his shadow cabinet and giving her police and roads instead.

The move is a serious embarrassment to the new Labor team – Ms McKay made much of the importance of the planning job to the local area during her campaign, where WestConnex and housing densities are big issues.

March 30, 2015

Labor declares Strathfield a victory and Strathfield Mayor Gulian Vaccari looks forward to  a "constructive working relationship."

The cliff-hanging Strathfield seat state election is over, with Labor's shadow planning minister Jodi McKay elected to the seat just before 3pm when the Liberals' Charles Casuscelli  conceded he couldn't win.

In the end, along with Green preferences, an astonishingly high iVote turnout of almost 4,000 was allocated today, putting Ms McKay in an unbeatable position.

March 24, 2015

With only three days till the State Election, here are some of the major issues affecting Strathfield.

When Charles Casuscelli swept former Labor arts minister Virginia Judge from the seat of Strathfield in 2011, the political landscape was very different to the one which will shape the future of the seat in three weeks time.

Labor was on the nose, and Barry O’Farrell won a landslide victory for the Liberals.

Today, Mr O’Farrell is no longer Premier and Mike Baird is in Macquarie Street. The Liberals seem certain to hold on to power but, according to most pundits, with a swing against them.

March 7, 2015

Charles Casuscelli and Jodi McKay go head-to-head on the big issues in the state seat: amalgamation, planning and housing density and traffic

It was billed as Strathfield’s one and only public debate between the candidates for the State seat.

And last night, all sides declared it a big success after two hours of quizzing and grilling at a packed Town Hall meeting.

There were no worms, so working out the real victor is an imprecise art. 

February 13, 2015

Big turn out at Arnott's birthday celebrations at Homebush where the biscuit maker was once based.

It was a day to celebrate Australia’s most delectable and iconic biscuits. 

Commemorating its 150th anniversary, Arnott’s officially kick-started the party on Friday by opening the doors to the community and paying tribute to the lifelong loyalty of its diligent staff at the Bakehouse quarter in North Strathfield.

“Millions of Australians have grown up with Arnott’s during the past 150 years. For them, Arnott’s is more than a food company – it’s a piece of Australia’s history and a national icon. 

February 13, 2015

Bill Shorten steps into the State election campaign with a surprise visit to Strathfield

In yet another sign of the importance of the Strathfield seat in the State campaign, Labor leader Bill Shorten paid a surprise visit to the constituency yesterday - his first appearance in the New South Wales election.

Mr. Shorten joined Labor candidate Jodi McKay and NSW Labor leader Luke Foley at Strathfield town centre - upping the political star stakes to a federal level.

State Premier Mike Baird paid Strathfield a visit a few days before, and is expected back again. There is no suggestion so far that Mr Abbott will be putting in an appearance.

January 6, 2015

Luke Foley lives locally, and has been a strong fighter for information on housing densities along the Parramatta Road. He is set to visit Strathfield today

Labor’s new leader Luke Foley lives at Concord West, and is well versed in the issues facing Inner West areas like Strathfield.

Within hours of taking up the reigns of party leadership, he announced a visit tio Strathfield with Labor contender Jodi McKay -  another indication that the Liberal-held seat is being targetted by the party.

Ironically, Mr Foley was touted as someone who might stand as Labor candidate for the Strathfield state seat once held by Labor minister Virginia Judge. Instead, he will contest neghbouring Auburn.

November 24, 2014

Poll puts Strathfield candidate just two points behind John  Robertson 

She has only been Labor candidate for just over a month, but already polls are suggesting she could be the next party leader. 

But first, she has to win the seat of Strathfield from incumbent Liberal Charles Casuscelli.

Jodi McKay is reported to be closing in on John Robertson as preferred Labor leader. A Fairfax/Ipsos poll reveals that Ms McKay is only two points behind Mr Robertson at 21 per cent, compared to the Labor leader’s 23 per cent.

November 3, 2014

Veteran MP and former minister shows Labor means business in seat it once held with Virginia Judge

“Humbled to be confirmed this evening as Labor's candidate for Strathfield. Campaigning starts tomorrow. Bring on March!”

Former minister and Newcastle MP Jodi Mckay tweeted a triumphant win over Labor’s Inner West establishment last night after seizing the nomination for the key seat of Strathfield.

The move finally dashed any hopes of Burwood Mayor John Faker and his supporters, who had sought the nomination, and set the agenda for a strong fight for the seat once held by Labor's Virginia Judge.

October 23, 2014

Labor leader Robertson says he intervened because she is the best candidate

Former minister and Newcastle MP Jodi Mckay  is expected to be chosen to stand for the state seat of Strathfield today, after Labor's executive called off a public pre-selection and Burwood mayor John Faker and former Strathfield Mayor Daniel Bott dropped out.

Labor leader John Robertson asked Ms McKay to take on the seat, and is strongly backing her as candidate.

Mr Robertson wrote to the National Secretary of the ALP saying:  “Recent ICAC hearings have proved Jodi to be a person of the highest integrity and the strongest character.”