From arts minister to arts classes

Ex-Strathfield MP and state minister Virginia Judge was last week preparing her CV for job agencies – “something I haven’t done for years”. 

The four-time Strathfield mayor, who’d represented the seat at State Parliament since 2003, was defeated in the Liberal landslide, with Charles Casuscelli overturning her 15 per cent majority last month. Judge, who turned on Labor and ministerial colleagues over the defeat, was more sanguine last week. She said she’d had great opportunities in her former role and was now ready to seek a job in the not-for-profit or corporate communications sector.

“I’ve got to pay the bills and I am looking for full-time employment,” she told The Scene.

Would she stand for the seat again? “I haven’t even thought that far ahead,” she said.

But she has no plans to move out. And the ex-arts minister may take drawing classes, now she has the time.




Dear Editor, I want to take this post-election opportunity to thank my family, friends, and volunteers for their tremendous support. I wish to express my gratitude to the wonderful people of Strathfield who honoured me with their vote, and gave me the privilege of serving them as their MP for the last eight years and a Minister of the Crown, both honours I shall carry with me the rest of my life. I leave public life after 15 years of hard work, loyal service and tangible results with no regrets, other than not being able to continue to work and deliver projects and services my community deserves; a community that’s become a part
of my family. Kind regards, Virginia Judge.


I happen to know Virginia is actively looking for work. She does not want to rest on her laurels or sponge off the state.

So here are your words with a side order of salad.

Eat 'em.


Them's the breaks.

I have to say thanks for involving me in your campaign back in pre-2004 - it was an interesting learning experience and kinda fun door-knocking Ashfield.

Michael Jeremy

One of the reasons Virginia Judge was thrown out by the people of Strathfield at the state election is because she is evasive with facts and constantly spins information and situations to her advantage.

Any state politician elected prior to 2004 and 2007 when the politicians scheme was altered (like Ms Judge who was elected in 2003) is entitled to a lavish pension benefit. Far from being without means of support and having to put together a CV to re-enter the workforce hoping to find a way 'to pay the bills', she is entitled to income support far in excess of anything a average worker could hope to receive after a lifetime of work and super contributions.

Strathfield Scene should stop taking her word on face value and report thw whole story on her pension entitlements, after all, it is our money she will be living on.

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