ELECTION NEWS: Candidates make one last plea to Strathfield Rotary

In the last hurrah before Saturday’s local government elections, candidates running for Strathfield Council last night made a last ditch plea for the hearts and minds of some of the municipality’s most influential residents and business figures.


Those at the lectern were Liberal Leader Gulian Vaccari, Labor leader Raj Datta, Strathfield First’s Helen McLucas and United Strathfield’s Andrew Soulos.


There was unity on at least three subjects from Liberals, Labor, Strathfield First and United Strathfield – no amalgamation, no support for the growth of the Australian Catholic University.  And each of them would listen to the electorate and establish their needs.


Datta, for instance, pledged he would have no “special relationship with any lobbyists”.  He promised: “The only lobbyists we will listen to are the residents of Strathfield”.


Soulos claimed he had door-knocked 90 percent of the electorate and the feedback he had obtained “will guide us in our work”.


Vaccari pointed out his team would be listening to the Greek, Lebanese, Indian, Korean and Italian communities.


McLucas said her party was “100% committed to the community”.


There were promises – from the Liberals, a public safety committee, a campaign on the price of the carbon tax and pressure to build the M4 East.


From Soulos, the idea that short term leases on a redeveloped town centre would deliver returns to council which could be used to improve public amenities.


From Datta, better representation for the “forgotten” areas of Strathfield, and from McLucas an end to voting along party lines.


She revealed she had left the Liberal party partly because she was shocked at voting along party lines.


“Strathfield First is not about us – it is about what we can do for the community”, she said.


The forum, in which the four leaders were given 5 minutes each to state their policies, is a first for a Strathfield Council campaign, and was organised by Strathfield Rotarians.



The members also had the chance to ask the candidates questions about specific questions on their policies after each candidate finished their speech.


In the end, all four wished each other luck on Saturday.


To hear the full debate, click on the Multimedia section at ourstrathfield.com.au.


I have only ever been to three Strathfield Council Meetings.
Once in the 1960s (Yes, I do mean the 1960s) and twice more recently, when Danny Lim was a Councillor.

In the 1960s the issue was rezoning and development applications for land along Liverpool Road for service stations, motels and high-rise units, which just happened to be contrary to the draft zoning plan that Council had submitted for approval to the County of Cumberland ... the same strip of land in contention during the Abi-Saab Mayoralship ... the same strip of land waiting for redevelopment now, if approval can be obtained for even higher rise. The same strip of land that Moses Obeid was promoting for redevelopment. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose, as the Frenchman said.

My other visits to Strathfield Council in the Danny Lim era? Incredible!
Nearly every crazy motion that Danny Lim put up was supported by the Liberals Carney and Maroun and the ex-Labor Independent Barron. "Dig up the Fountain" because it had Virginia Judge's name on the plaque , at a cost of $90 000? Sure, why not? "I didn't think the people of Strathfield would care about the fountain," was Bill Carney's excuse for supporting Danny Lim on that one.

Who was Danny Lim working for then? Who is Danny Lim working for now that O'Farrell has put the kibosh on developers' donations? I suspect that Danny Lim is out touting for business, hoping someone will rent the space on his sandwich boards.

Best wishes to all candidates on Saturday
Cheers Helen

Re the Election Posters on Telegraph Poles: Every group knows it is illegal to put election posters on poles in Strathfield. Council has sent letters confirming this to all groups.

Sounds like everyone had a great time last night. Well done to all candidates. Also, I am supporting the Liberals because I believe they are the way to move Strathfield forward. They have a great multicultural team, passionate about serving the community and every single Liberal candidate is against amalgamation. It is a non issue, it will not happen. end of story..

J Antonios: Permission was sought before they were put on street poles I believe. If it wasn't, then obviously they would of been taken down by now.

The reason why the party is so wealthy is because we have hard working members and supporters who donate their hard earned money and time to attend branch meetings etc.

I think this campaign has been calm compared to Auburn, Ryde and other councils and we should be glad that we are debt free here in Strathfield.

If only Danny Lim would stop bugging people at the pre poll booths. Your time is up, mate..

Time has now passed and Strathfield First was right. Amalgamation was an issue and is an issue. The Independent Review Panel headed by Prof Samson will hand down his final report in September. His prior report in April recommended the amalgamation of Burwood, Strathfield, Ashfield and Canada Bay.

The Western Australian Liberal State Government has broken its election promise and are forcing amalgamations.

Will Barry O'Farrell do the same? Will he force amalgamations? Let's wait and see.

The other issue of course are the Liberal State Government's new planning laws.

I am not sure that taking away the rights of residents is the 'way to move Strathfield forward'.

The only way to make amalgamation a 'non issue'is to speak up, sign up and say NO to any Strathfield amalgamation.

I cannot believe the behaviour of the Liberal Party. How much money do they have. They are everywhere.

How can they think that people of Strathfield believe they are funding this campaign out of their own pockets. (heard from one of the candidates) They really must think Residents are stupid. Please dont under estimate our intelligence.

And what is this with the pictures and signs on the lamp posts, I thought that was agianst council rules. Again, they think they can do what they want. Play it fair Liberals, or your constituents will vote against you.

It was a great night at Rotary last night. It was good to hear from all the parties and what they intend to do.

They have all worked hard and it is now up to the residents. We need an honest, respectful council. Let's hope they can all deliver what they have promised.

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