Hundreds see in the Korean Lunar New Year

Strathfield's Korean community turned out in force for the first big lunar new year event on the town square today - and the event was immediately declared a success.

Strathfield also discovered it had a new star - a real crowd pleaser in the form of Jeremy Yong, the eight-year-old guitar-plucking young finalist of Australia's Got Talent.

He comes from Strathfield and his mum is his manager.

"He has been singing and playing the guitar since he was around six," said Jeremy's mum.

"We realised that he just had a natural talent. He loves performing."

Councillor Sang Ok, who is council's representative for the Korean community, organised the celebration which started at midday and ran for several hours.

Cr Ok thanked the committee for organising the event.  "I am hoping we will have a bigger and better event next year."

The Mayor, Cr Gulian Vaccari said :" It has been an honour to work with the Korean community, and to have them have such a strong presence in Strathfield."

There were many traditional acts, including the Nan n Jang from Korea.

"The group were sponsored by their county in Korea to come to Sydney to perform," said Cr Ok. 

"But we are so grateful that they are performing for us for free. They are the most famous and loved folk orchestra in Korea."

And some not-so-traditional - like the death-defying tightrope walkers from the Namsadang Nolli group as they balance across a rope without any harnesses. 

"It needs a long time for training and the utmost control of the body and mind," said Cr Ok. 

The Korean folk drum group Samul Nolli, who are famous for their elaborate traditional costumes will also performed. 



Strathfield Lunar New Year Festival

Program for 20thFeb. 2013

2:00 – 3:00pm                 

‘Nan & Jang’s Samul Pan Gut  Gangnam Style Dance & Teaching of the  Dance by ‘Crossover’ of SBS

Korean Drum Dance& Fan Dance by Song Minsun Academy                      

3:00– 4:00pm  

Classic Song by Muse Mentos

K-Pop Dance by K-Pop Academy

Winners of performance of K-Pop Contest in the Sydney Festival

4:00 – 5:00pm                 

Korean Traditional Flute by ‘Lee Woo Hee’

Indian Dance & Song  Rajib

Chinese Dance & Song by ‘Golden Girl’       

5:00 – 6:00pm                 

Band player by James Kang’s Band ‘Desperado’     


End of Festival


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