Premier and Local Government Minister set to reveal plans for Strathfield's future on Friday

The Mayor of Strathfield and councillors have been summoned to a webinar address by Premier Mike Baird and Local Government Minister Paul Toole, when the pair are expected to reveal the next steps in the reform of local government.

Strathfield has been fighting plans to amalgamate the 130-year-old municipality for two years, leading other councils throughout the state in their battle to stay independent.

The council has responded to the State Government's demands for suggested merger partners as part of its Fit for the Future program by refusing to participate - meaning it is one of the few without a "Plan B" if amalagamation is forced.

The council's position has remained that it is well managed, financially sustainable with no debts and should be allowed to remain independent.

Neighbouring Burwood has a "Plan B" agreement to merge with Canada Bay and Auburn, and other Inner West councils have also pencilled in alternative partnerships.

Strathfield's Liberal councillors, inclduing Mayor Sang Ok and Gulian Vaccari, are believed to have favoured a Plan B approach to ensure Strathfield was not broken up.  However, their attempts to get this discussed were voted down.

There are a number of ways Mr Baird nd Mr Toole can deal with Strathfield.

At worst, they could split the municipality, passing some land to Auburn and some to Burwood and Canada Bay.

They could try and force a merger - probably with Burwood and Canada Bay.

Finally, they might refer Strathfield's case to the Boundary Commission for investigation, which could take some time.

The final verdict is expected at the special briefing, believed to be at 9.30am on Friday.


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