Save Our Strathfield tells Homebush residents to join the October rally

Just few days away from the anti-amalgamation public rally on October 10, Save Our Strathfield Chair Nella Gaughan was joined by Strathfield Councillors Daniel Bott, Helen McLucas and MP Jodi McKay at Homebush station to inform the residents about the upcoming rally.

Copies of Strathfield Scene’s special edition on amalgamation were distributed while many residents stopped by to speak with Ms Gaughan and Ms McKay.

Reading a copy of the special edition 28-year-old Sunita Patel, a Homebush resident for five years told the Scene that she is worried about paying more taxes if Strathfield is amalgamated. When one of the residents in a rush to catch his train said, “The state government is going ahead with amalgamation anyway.”

Ms McKay remarked, “Well, we are going to do what we can to stop the state government.” “It’s never over until it’s over. We have to ensure that the state government is accountable to the residents of Strathfield and we won’t give in. This government and its members of Parliament made a promise that there will be no forced amalgamation. We are expecting them to keep their promise,” said Ms Gaughan. 

Another Homebush resident Muksum Chong stopped by to chat with Cr Bott and McLucas and said, “Strathfield should not be amalgamated because we will be lost when merged with other councils. At present, we are a small population and our interests are looked after by Strathfield council, this may not continue when we are merged with neighbouring councils,” said Mr Chong.

“I made a commitment to fight till last. The residents loathe the idea of amalgamation and this public rally is their last chance to tell the state government. Its not just about Strathfield, forced amalgamation is not fair to any council in NSW,” said Cr Bott

“Its important that the residents attend the rally and have their voices heard. Amalgamation removes democracy and people’s voices will be lost in a merged council, and it’s our right as part of a democratic country to have the council represent them. We want the state government to at least have a valid referendum. Our new Prime Minister Malcolm Turbull recently said we need advocacy and not slogans. I want to say that state government's ‘Fit for Future’ is a slogan and not advocacy. Our fight against amalgamation is about advocacy,” said Ms McLucas.


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