Virginia Judge's fight for Strathfield

In the last leg of the election campaign, Member for Strathfield Virginia Judge and was joined by the former Premier of New South Wales Bob Carr launch her campaign.

With only three weeks till the election, Judge addressed her constituency and said she would fight all the way to the close of polls on election day and doesn’t deny this election will be a tough fight.

“This election will be, but I have never shied away from a battle. The people of this electorate deserve a strong local MP,” said Judge. “I have been up at the crack of dawn to meet locals at train stations, I have door knocked in the heat and in the rain but I’m enjoying the challenge of proving to my community that I’m always in their corner.”

Carr who opened Judge’s Burwood office said the people of Strathfield should remember Judge’s long track record of work for the community.

“I have always been impressed Virginia’s fighting spirit. She has been a great local MP and has delivered for the local area,” said Car. “We all know that the Liberal Party is a strong favourites to win government the question the people of Strathfield need to ask is which candidate will be the best local representative.


My only comment for Virginia Judge is that for twenty years Virginia oppossed any alterations to the Strathfield Massacre memorial site, first as the Mayor and then as the State member of Parliament for the seat of Strathfield, but alas the new Strathfield council and new State member we have a new memorial for the Strathfield Massacre Commemoration, i leave it to the the public of Strathfield to decide wether this is good or bad.
Personally i wish to thank publically the editor and reporter of the Strathfield Scene because they are the real heroes in bringing this about, and to all those people out there please continue to support the greatest news team in the inner west.

kind regards

Greg Read SC

Simple answer to Bob Carr's question.

Anyone but Virginia. She has done less for the electorate that many opposition Members havedone for theirs. Opposition electorates have new police stations, new sporting faciliies. Strathfield has less than it did 5 years ago

Carr's right in a way, we should vote for our politicians based on their ability to provide on the local level. I know that Virginia has worked hard and seen clear results and that is why my vote is going to her.

Thank god for a strong MP focussed on local representation. Strathfield needs someone who understands what it means to live in our community - not some stone-cold Lib who's going to rip the guts out of our libraries, community centres, and schools.

Heaven help us if Virginia loses: we'll all be on the dole, and having to explain to the kids why their childhood is being stolen from them.

Thank you, Virginia. Flemington is behind you 100%.

Hands down Virginia is the best candidate for the job, I have met her many times over many years and not only is she a bright funny person, but she is a fantastic representative for Strathfield and has my vote in continuing the great job she does.

No matter what you think of the current Government Virginia has been a strong advocate for the area.

Virginia has a long history of representing and fighting for people in the Strathfield area.
Whoever wins the election on March 26 I want somebody as my local member who will represent the area strongly and be a vocal advocate.
Even if the Liberals do form government as is most likely I truly feel that we need Virginia as our local member

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