Calling all Strathfield residents - we need your support against forced amalgamation

As you may be aware, the NSW Government is currently considering forcing Strathfield Council to amalgamate into a larger mega-council area. 

I am strongly opposed to this because I believe is against the wishes of the overwhelming majority of Strathfield residents. 

My fellow councillors and I were loud and clear about our opposition to amalgamation in the recent local government elections and we were elected by the community on that basis. 

I believe if Strathfield Council is amalgamated council rates will rise significantly and our balanced budget will be at risk. I also fear that residents of Strathfield will not have direct access to elected representatives who are fully accountable to their community. 

For that reason, we recently voted to support the community's 'Save our Strathfield' anti-amalgamation campaign. 

What the Save our Strathfield campaign needs at this point supporters to sign up. By amassing a solid base of support we will be able to convince the State Government that community opposition to amalgamation is too strong.

For that reason, I would be deeply grateful if you were able to take a minute to sign your support to the Save our Strathfield website at

The SoS campaign will not send regular emails to you but will get in touch a small handful of times when support might be needed for discrete campaign actions (e.g. a letter writing campaign targeted at a key decision maker or a public meeting announcement.)

I thank you very much in advance for assisting us with the campaign to save Strathfield from amalgamation. Your support may well be the difference we need. 

It will be also very helpful if you could kindly forward this important information to your community friends. There is a lot at stake and working together we can stop this undemocratic forced amalgamation.


No forced amalgamation for Strathfield.

I feel that Strathfield as is known as the "Oasis of the West" is very proud of the History that it hold that is relevant to NSW, we are a unique area within the midst of the inner west. home to many large blocks of land, tree lined streets, heritage houses, over 30 educational institutions and one of the largest metropolitan railway stations that connect to most directions of the rail grid. Financial stability and a community that stand up for what they believe in, such as the ACU battle to expand which has been put on hold by the court.If we are to join with surrounding councils our rates will rise and we will have to wear the burden of councils that are in debt. is this what we want. I don't think so.

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