I confess - I am part of Strathfield's parking nightmare


As a local resident and a proud reporter for my area, attending council meetings is the best way for me to learn more about what’s going on in the community.

So to my dismay at this month’s meeting, the issue of parking in Strathfield was on the agenda, which admittedly, is a very sore subject for me.

Yes, this blog is a confession. I am one of the offenders who parks on the neighbouring streets surrounding the station to catch the train to work.

Strathfield is the third largest railway hub in New South Wales and services train lines to the city but also the north, south and western regions of Sydney.  

Councillors have been receiving a long list of complaints from angry residents over commuters taking up their on-street parking and the fact of the matter is that it has become a major problem.

Every morning, hundreds of cars line the streets of Churchill Avenue, Oxford Road and other surrounding streets, and understandably, if I were a resident, I would be angry too. 

Particularly if I could not park my car within a reasonable distance to my home.

But the changing demographics of our area mean in many households, often each family member has a car. That means there is simply not enough room to house all cars in the driveway.

Council is now looking to hold a community forum and take on board these complaints and, I hope, listen to other side of the story from residents – like myself – who live too far to walk to the station and can’t rely on the buses in the area. Is it just me? They so rarely arrive on time.

But because of Strathfield’s abundant parking and absence of parking rangers and tow trucks, commuters from areas like Burwood, Belfield, Greenacre and other surrounding suburbs are taking advantage of our streets.

There is no simple solution to this problem.  The reality of the situation is there is not enough parking for everyone.

We want to encourage people to catch public transport  - even if it is only part of the way – and that means many people still need to park at or near a station.

It does seem unfair that Strathfield residents have to be so inconvenienced because City Rail chose to put a hub in our town. But how to fairly share the burden? 

Do we build car parks and charge an economic rate? And if so, where?

Do we spread meters across our streets to discourage this urban blight, hire an army of rangers and inconvenience shoppers who want to boost local business?

Anyway, who says the traditional Aussie quarter acre comes with a right to street parking?

The debate promises to be extremely lively.  But why not start it here?

Tell us your parking horror stories and let the people of Strathfield decide!


I rather think that most Strathfield residents are happy there is a major train station nearby. The convenience!

I am a home owner in a busy street. I acknowledge that I do not own the street. We downsized to one car. Only need one. Otherwise - walk. It'll do you good. Bit of a walk to the house? Makes you healthier.

Got so many cars you can't fit in the garage or in your own driveway? You have too many cars. Downsize. Save money and help the environment. Still desperate for your own personal set of motorised wheels? Get a motorbike.

You want to own your patch of land outside your home? Pay for it. Maintain it yourself.

Stop whining.

We certainly don't need more parking rangers. What we need is a Car park. Strathfield Station is located on the edge of Strathfield and Burwood Council so lets stop bickering about whether which area has more right on the Street.

Strathfield Council MUST build a Car Park near Strathfield Station so that those who use Station to get to work can park safely and not in side streets!

The problem with somewhere like Churchill Ave is that it has the added bonus of school drop off and pickup during term time. At those times the street effectively becomes a car park with cars parked on either side and cars blocking the street in both directions. Sometimes there is even a genius who double parks effectively blocking the street.

In addition, whilst I don't really mind parking in the street, I do object to poorly planned school zones (e.g. Churchill Ave), arrogant prats who park over driveways and inconsiderate drivers who believe it is their God given right to block the street until their needs are met (parents picking up kids).

Strathfield should have a car park like sevenhills. Why don't they find a land and build a carpark where commuters can park and catch the train.

I do agree that strathfield needs a carpark station for people wanting to catch the train. I disagree with whining residents that think they own the roads. I think residents should live in Europe a few weeks and discover what lack of parking really means.

Some of the schools located in the area have been around since the 1800's so residents who have moved in the Starthfield area new full well their were several schools and would be a busy area morning and afternoons.

Residents that whine about school pick up zones have too much time on thier hands.
I pay taxes, I pay registration and my vechile is aloud to drive on any road its wants too.

So I say "Like it or Lump it".

I don't agree with the 'like it or lump it' attitude... Some of the schools may have been there from the 1800's, but Strathfield is everchanging and we need to ensure that our area continues to sustain growth. More and more people are driving to Strathfield to catch a train to work simply because Strathfield has become the transport hub of the inner west.

Why would residents want Strathfield to end up like Europe where there is a lack of parking?? As a person who also pays taxes, rates and car registration etc., I would expect that the taxes and rates that I pay could be spent on things like additional car parking. This will not only benefit residents and commuters by preventing cars from clogging our residential streets, it will also help our local businesses to grow.

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