"I love my parking stickers" - a resident of Churchill Avenue responds...

By Karoline Rychter

Looking out my front window  to the street outside, I begin to panic
and dash to grab the phone to make a phone call. 'Mum, when you are
close, just call me and I will move my car up so that you can fit
yours behind me' I say.

'Ok' is all my mum replies and 15 minutes later I am sitting in the car, my 6 month old screaming in the back and I am moving my car up. 

It is not just my mum,  it's also what I have to do with the courier - or
even my husband when he returns from work and, God forbid, if  I was to
drive up to the shops during the day, I should just farewell my
parking spot till tomorrow morning - early morning that is. Before
6:30am is best to get the space infront of my house.

Try going up to Burwood for a quick shop only to come back to every single parking spot taken  - and you only left for an hour. So you u-turn and park near St
Marthas, take out your pram, put screaming woken-from-sleep baby in it
and proceed to remove all shopping bags, then walk all the way down the
street, unpack bags onto front porch and take pram up stairs. Rain,
hail or 40 degree weather.

If you havent realised by now, I live on Churchill Avenue -  yes, down the
bottom, in one of 2 houses on the street without a driveway or a
garage on my land (dont get me started on Strathfield Council, that is
another battle in itself).

I'm one of those people, the one who voted in favour of the parking
stickers..and don't I love them.

Since their introduction, I can park infront of my house (mostly) and when said mum/courier, delivery etc..comes, they just park right outside. and yes i am one of the people who took up 2 parking spaces for my one car, what choice did I

It's usually the same cars parking everyday too. It used to be a
nightmare. Many a time cars would be blocking parts of driveways and
once someone even parked across the footpath. Not to mention the 'no
stopping' areas always having people parking in them.

I work in Rhodes in an office too,  and I also have to either park
further away or catch the train as there are 2 hr parking zones
everywhere. Yes I grumble -  but I also know that residents have lives
too and need the space more then me. So i smile and walk the extra

I was angered at the Strathfield Scene opinion column. Most of it it
just garbage someone has written. St Martha's Parish, for example, holds
mass on Sundays (I know, I am a parishioner) and the parking limits are
Monday - Friday, so that's wrong? Yes , there are masses on at other
times like funerals etc. But they are 1hr long and parking is for 2

As for the stickers themselves, the council has imposed strict rules
on who gets a parking sticker to limit the number given out. If you
have a driveway/garage that number of spaces is then subtracted from
the number of cars. A max of 2 stickers per household.

Another thing: the street is still always parked out (not fully
though) by people prefering to park here then in the plaza.

Don't get me started on night parking, its like a war zone and it doesn't end
till about 10pm on weekdays. On the weekends though the noise
continues till 4am. Yelling and beeping of horns (yes, at 4am!) from
selfish humans not caring that people (and infants)  live in the
houses they casually scream and beep near. And then there is the mess.

Patrons casually drop their rubbish outside and sometimes inside the front
fences of the residents. So whilst they are walking home from work
eating their yoghurt, they just toss their rubbish on our front lawn.

Even with the 2 hour time limit,  I still see people parking all day and
wonder if they have too much money or too much head space to

I have an idea for this selfish human who mastered the opinion
article. How about a stream of cars parks outside your house 24/7,
dropping rubbish, leaving trolleys and causing nuisance because it's a
public road oh and speeding like maniacs to get the good spot.

On a final note: parking meters are an excellent idea. $30 parking for
over 2 hours and the proceeds going to residents who have to clean up
after filthy humans. Now there's an idea.


Dear Karoline,

Since council have inforced the parking permit scheme and the majority of cars did get booked everyday for a week (and I think those people did learn their lessons), are there still a stream of cars parked outside your house?

The point of my opinion piece was to say in conjunction with the parking permit scheme, to allow people who want to use the streets for a price to be able to perhaps shop (and put some money back into the local economy) or use the trains (so our already congested roads are not clogged even more), perhaps council SHOULD install a parking metre.

That was the point I was trying to make.

If you would like any more of my opinions, please feel free to write back.



Bernadette, I too read your article and was dissappointed in some of your ideas past and present such as 'who says the traditional Aussie quarter acre comes with a right to street parking' (2011 B.Chau) then what exactly is your problem?? You can't have it both ways as you seem to have a particular need to park near the station for longer than the council permitted 2 hours. This is an individual problem not a community problem so l see no need in degrading the beauty of this street with hideous parking meters for your selfish reasons. In the vicinity of Strathfield square are 3 carparks/parking areas plus strathfield plaza carpark. This is in addition to street parking as well as numerous other neighbouring streets that may involve walking. I sympathise with you too as l suffer a similar problem near my workplace and like others in the office walk considerable distance but these are all part of the transport challenge that this state faces, l'm sure you realised this when purchased your home and checked how far away you were from any public transport.

To answer your comment question, yes there are still vehicles parking up the street. Has there been an improvement? Definitely and this cannot be argued but what is missed in this topic is that the permits only prevent residents from receiving fines, that is all. They do not allocate us parking spaces as VIP reserved, parking spaces are available on a first come first serve basis. Undeniable l do have the benefit of no fines and that l can park all day once l secure a spot, is that really so selfish to be able to park your own vehicle in front of your own house. Like you said Bernatte l too am a rate payer so why should l forgo this.

To think improvement has been so dramatic is naive. People are not that stupid, they work out patterns of the ranger, they work out the ranger is on holidays from now till mid january and they always try and get away with it. Come in the afternoon and whats the difference? The difference is the ranger doesn't walk then.
Why did you use words 'not fit to print' when you found the parking fine on your vehicle and admit you knew the risk. Your either lack intelligence or brushed your nose at council rules. The signs have been up for months before enforcement started and you write an article about how you ignored them. 'I should be allowed to use for this very purpose?' (2012, B.Chau) This comment highlights the quality of your arguement, no one is stopping you using local amenities but there are rules as to how they should be used.

Common sense needs to prevail and hence why l'm very supportive of the councils permits. Residents have only been offered permits outside of the number of spaces they have on their land while time limits allow exchange of vehicles so more people can use facilities such as the plaza, restaurants etc. This is more likely to reduce congestion and inject money into the local economy then Bernadette parking for 8 hour workdays.


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