Meet the candidates - Labor candidate Jodi McKay

Jodi McKay
Age: 45

Family: husband, stepdaughter

Lives in: Ashfield

Qualifications: Journalist, medical research worker, former MP for Newcastle, Minister for Tourism and Minister for the Hunter, Minister for Science and Medical Research, Minister assisting on Health, Minister for Commerce, Minister for Small Business, and Minister for Women. Director of Communications, Family Planning NSW.



“I saw Andrew Constance come out the other day saying he wanted four or five super councils which is pretty extraordinary. People want Local Government representation so I think people are hearing about it but they don’t know much about it. But I think as the election gets closer, there will be a bit more of an uprising. “I don’t agree with the current approach. It is not transparent and there hasn’t been enough consultation. There needs to be a better solution which I will be willing to work with the State Government to develop. I intend to work with all the mayors. There are inefficiencies within local government that need to be changed but there needs to be a better perspective/solution than what has been presented.”


Strathfield Town Centre

“I think the Strathfield Town Centre development is fantastic. I have been surprised, since the announcement, about this competition between Burwood and Strathfield. I don’t see that there is a problem because there is enough of a difference for there to be two significant town centres. People will choose where they want to go, the events they want to go to, where they want to live, where they want to do their shopping. “I think UrbanGrowth’s involvement is very important. When I was in the Hunter, I had the oversight of the development corporation there and the revitalisation of that city, so I’ve got a fair idea about what needs to be done and how you work with an organisation like UrbanGrowth, what you ask for and what you expect.”


Traffic gridlock

“People are genuinely concerned about WestConnex, as well as traffic in the electorate. And I don’t think it has been addressed so I think it’s going to be tough. But there are issues that are outstanding.”


Housing density

“I feel really passionate about population growth. There is an expectation, especially from UrbanGrowth, in regards to where population is going to move to, particularly around Homebush. And that is going to be an issue for this area as well as finding green space. It’s fine having big buildings along Parramatta Road, it’s fine having increasing development but unless you have green space and some places for people to go to and enjoy the area, its going to be very difficult.”


Influencing State Government

“One of the things that I’ve noticed about this area is that it has been quite combative between local government and state government. That’s not reflecting badly on anyone personally but the way that I have worked is in a very consultative way and I believe that no matter who is the mayor or what party they come from, you all have to work together. I want to see that happen. I have come out of [the ICAC hearings] so much stronger. And I am so committed to integrity in government. I fought the Libs, I fought the people within my own party, I fought developers. I don’t believe in having a close relationship with developers at all. Yes you have to talk to them to get a good outcome, but ultimately you are there to represent the entire community not just sections of it. When you represent a community, you represent your community.”


My Strathfield

“The wonderful thing about this area is the diversity. I’ve lived here since 2008. My husband has been here for 16 years. One of the things that I find frustrating about the things that have been said about my candidacy is that I may not have been born and bred here, but if you look around Strathfield there are a whole lot of people who haven’t been born and bred here. And they deserve the same representation and to participate in decision making as anyone else.”


She may not be born and bred here but at least she lives here unlike Charles who promised to move in if he won the 2011 election and still has not.

Hi Matthew,

Unfortunately you made two statements and both were wrong, the former Labor Member for Newcastle does not live in the electorate nor did I promise that I would move into the electorate if I won the 2011 election. For the record I sleep in Five Dock and I work in the Strathfield electorate.



I am trying to find out the labor party's policy on coal seam gas please. I have looked on the Internet and no clear direction. I am very concerned with csg exploration on agricultural land. I am in the strathfield electorate. This will decide how I vote in the senate and Lower house
Thank you

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