Welcome to a new political era

While the voters of our state appeared to have made up their minds early in the campaign between Kristina Keneally's tired Labor government and Barry O'Farrell's fresh-faced shadow ministry, the Strathfield electorate faced a harder choice.

In the red corner, a passionately active local member in Virginia Judge.  She has four times been Strathfield mayor. In eight years as State member she had certainly made her mark.

Not for nothing did she adopt the slogan "We need someone who never gives up".  Judge certainly didn't, as anyone who has stood in the way of her road roller would quickly discover.

Keneally's Labor ministry may have run out of energy and ideas, but no-one suggested Judge had in her dual roles as Minister for the Arts and Consumer Affairs.

In the blue corner, Charles Casuscelli was an easy going and charming Liberal with immense experience in transport and infrastructure - two of Strathfield's most pressing issues.

He made a strong start, adopting the Town Centre project and bringing shadow treasurer and rising Liberal star Mike Baird to see for himself, and pushing for better transport and policing.

Many believe his expertise will give him a direct line to the Liberal leadership.

So the choice for Strathfield was starker than the rest.

Thanks to the size of the Liberal lead, there never was any doubt that the political face of NSW politics was going to change.

The question voters faced was: who can do more for the electorate? An energetic and seasoned member of a broken Labor party in the wilderness of opposition, or one of the newest members of a winning team promising to ride the tide of change?

Now they have spoken - and Casuscelli has already pledged to make good on his promises.

It bodes well for the coming term and progressing Strathfield's many pressing problems.



As one of the victims of the 1991 shootings I too agree with the above comment. It seems to be the "forgotten" massacre in Australia!!!!

As a victim of the shooting myself I agree with your comment. the Strathfield massacre seems to be the " forgotten massacre" in Australia

Sorry, haven't been back for twenty years, one of the first cops on scene, can you please tell me if there is going to be a twenty years memorial service.

Hi Peter,

Apologies you were not told earlier - it was Wednesday 17 at 10 am. You will find a video and report in our news section.

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