About Us

Ourstrathfield.com.au is a community website for the residents of Strathfield, NSW and its surrounds.

It is a complement to the new local newspaper Strathfield Scene, and includes news and events from the paper.

But ourstrathfield.com.au is more than an online newspaper. It is an interactive online resource for the residents of Strathfield.

This site allows you to comment on local news and discuss articles with other locals. It allows you to create and discuss issues of your own through the forum. It offers a directory of local businesses and services. And it keeps you up to date with all the latest news and events in your local area.

Ourstrathfield.com.au is also a resource for local community groups and businesses. As a local community group, you can upload your own events to the site, thereby promoting them to the local community. As a community group or local businesses owner, you can upload your details to the directory, so that everyone can easily find you.

For details on how to write comments, create forum topics or upload events and directory listings, click here.

Over the coming months, we plan to expand the resources available on ourstrathfield.com.au, to create the premier interactive online resource for residents of Strathfield. Backed by Strathfield Council, this website aims to forge a stronger Strathfield community, by giving locals a voice and a means to communicate with one another online. On top of this, it provides a rich and diverse source of relevant local information.

So hop online, and talk to your fellow Strathfieldians!