When it comes to Strathfield, what's on your mind?

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Share your thoughts about Strathfield - its qualities, its problems and where we could improve. 

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Signage for buses is a big problem around the station. People have no idea where to go. And the street signage is pretty poor as well. Albert Road is not correctly signed. Police access is also a really big problem. There is nothing at the entrance to the station. It’s ridiculous

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The road works block off the taxi stand and I can’t drive through. It’s chaos. It takes 30 minutes to get the car out because of the bus congestion. Also, people drop off at the station and there is no set drop-off area which adds to congestion.

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It’s really annoying that there is always track work around the station on the weekends. We need to be pre-warned or something.

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It’s a beautiful area. I go to ACU and the buildings around there are really stunning. It’s kind of an 'Old Sydney Town' in its architecture.

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Strathfield has gone to the dogs. Tenants throw stuff out all over the streets when they vacate. Around Parnell Street it’s an eyesore. It’s dirty. Filthy.

Sarah Cook (not verified)

I wish someone would get rid of those pot plants near the various pedestrian crossings outside the Plaza. It is extremely dangerous as drivers cannot see pedestrians behind the plants (especially children) until it is possibly too late. Ridiculous.

Susan Crematy (not verified)

The Australian Catholic University wants to expand with a building project to fulfill their needs for another 10 years. Since they have given a figure of 4,800 students by 2016, a mere 4 years away, how many students do they expect to have in 10 years, perhaps 7,000 or more.

Of course, they are not providing enough parking for these students and residents are expected to accept unrestricted parking on one side of the streets and timed on the other. Bus stops have to be moved. Traffic lights have to be moved.

But to top it off they want to build 6 new buildings, four of which will be 3 or 4 storeys high, not in the middle of the campus or on the land they own between the University and St Pats but along the boundaries of Barker Road and Mount Royal Reserve.

Strathfield will cease to be the "Oasis of the West" if this type of expansion is allowed to continue. Once the 10 years are up, they will want more. Strathfield Council better be ready then to vacate their premises because if the ACU gets as big as say the University of NSW, then their campus will extend all the way to Homebush Road.

As far as Strathfield Council is concerned, they have been very quiet about the whole thing. I know where my vote will lie if amalgamation comes on the agenda again.

Susan Crematy (not verified)

You can kiss the "Old Sydney Town" and beautiful area around ACU goodbye if they go ahead with their major expansion.

Anonymous (not verified)

Wish the council would do something about vehicles queuing across the intersection of Homebush Rd and Redmyre Road. The funny thing is that this is happening right in front of the council chambers and no one has done anything about it for years.

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